Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't wanna say goodbye

When I checked our schedule just now, I saw the phrase farewell party, and I suddenly realized that we're going to leave OSU the day after tomorrow. I always think farewell is a sad word, and this time is not an exception.
Thinking back on those days we just arrived, I was completely uncomfortable with the weather and food here. I missed the melting temperature in Wuhan, though I never admitted that when I was actually there. And I would lose all my apetite when I see there was cheese on almost all the food.
Now, I'm kind of accustomed to the coolness here, and even find that cheese can be delicious at times. And going back to Morrison Tower really feels like going home everyday. However, it's time to go when I'm totally used to the life here. If only I could stay in OSU all the time.
But we have other wonderful places to visit, and finally one day, we have to go home. Yet, the Morrison Tower, the Oval, High Street, North commons and Kennedy Commons and so on, I will definitely keep them in mind forever.


  1. sherry, you really have made the adjustment so well and i'm proud of your great attitude and willingness to try new conditions, and even the cheese! ha ha ha. we will have many more cheesy days ahead on the East Coast!

  2. you have said what i want to say.

  3. i have the same feeling with you...
    i think i will miss OSU so much...

  4. I think it is alway easy to say hello than wave good-bye