Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memory forever~

How can I say goodbye to Ohio?It's hard,really……

It has been two weeks since we arrived in Ohio.We went to the zoo here,had classes here,went shopping here.We have had so much fun here...

This morning,when we have to say goodbye to this place,say goodbye to Minru Li and say goodbye to Jennifer,my feeling was hard to say.I am a girl who rarely shed tears.And this time,I didn't cry.It's not because I have no feeling,but that I want you to see my smile every day.We played,laughed and had fun here.Even if we are to leave here,our happiness must continue.

Today,on the bus to Washington,I could still remember the day we went to the zoo.I could still remember the day we went to see Ice Age 3 with Michael and Carol.I could still remember the day we went rock climbing.I could still remember we played baseball with Pete,Hans and other group members and enjoyed ourselves so much......

Although we have left Ohio and so many kind people in OSU,our memories in Ohio will last forever,never washed away by time.

Here,in Washington,and the following Philadelphia,New York,our journey will carry on.I really hope all of us will enjoy the rest of our trip and have a wonderful memory in the USA!

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