Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A rich day

We went to German Village yesterday morning.It was a lovely and bright day for going for an outside activity.After Rick's introduction of the park and its background,we went for a German Village Architectural Scavenger Hunt,an activity I am greatly fond of.Because I think it is full of mystery and challenge.I gained the knowledge and fun at the same time.The house in German Village is distinctive in many aspects.It has snow birds on the roof to slow the speed of snow to slide down and chimney pot to improve the speed of the smoke to come out of the house.How brilliant the ancestors are to design the useful tools.There are also carriage stone and hitching pole ,which are also creative.Though it is kind of shinning ,we all tried our best to look for the target.It is not very difficult to find those and we enjoyed ourselves in finding and taking pictures.But it is a little pity that we missed the snow birds.I think they are naughtyrbirds. Luckily I find the hitching pole,which is horse-like pillar between the pen near the street.It is said that it is not easy to find that so we are lucky!(*^__^*)

Then we had a delicious German lunch and we almost ate up all the food.PS:I love the deserts very much.

Though we are all tired when came back ,we became excited after being told we would watch the live baseball game .Before going to the stadium,we practiced the baseball game by ourselves and Hans' team fail again. :-(

Speaking of the baseball match,there were so many audiences in the stadium so we had to wait tin a long line o buy the one dime hotdogs.People cheered when the columbus team scored several wonderful moments impressed me a lot including such as fourbatter and so on.We left before the game ended and I think there is no doubt that Columbus won.I enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium very much——we chatted and cheered together.I hope we can have more time to enjoy it.


  1. angie, so nice you had a lovely time at the game, and that you even tried to cheer. i admire your good attitude and thanks for writing about it and sharing your views.

  2. I love the Germany Village very much,and I love the Germany food too!

  3. you've taken exellent pictures