Monday, July 20, 2009

dime for a hotdog

This afternoon, some of us followed Peter and Hans to the oval for a baseball game.It's my first tme to play baseball.
At the beginning, I hit the ball and run to the 1st base.Then I just wait for next batter to hit the ball and run to 2nd base bebore the ball reached the 1st base. If Iwere touched by the catcher who got the ball, I was out.If not, I ran to 2nd base and waited for another hit. I made a run pretty soon. When we made the offence 3 out, we swithed. This time, I became a catcher.we finished several innings then we went to a lecture.
In the evening, our teachers took us to see a baseball game. It's dime for a hotdog night.One can get two hotdogs using two quarters. There were long queues before the cash registers. Americans love the game. Then I got back to my seat and listened to Peter and Rick explaning the rules of it. Walk, strikout, touchout, error. At the break after the 7th's ining, we streched out and sang the old baseball song. The Columbus team-clipper was leading all night before we went back to Morrison Hall.The hotdogs were good,and the dipping dots of mint and chocolate flavors were quite delicious.
It was a nice day for learning American culture and the interesting game! All the things were impressive!

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