Sunday, July 19, 2009

About religion

By Brilliant

Today (July 19th) we have a chance to experience the whole process of a real worship in the King Avenue United Methodist Church. It's my first time to see the worship. I had heard the description of the Roman Catholic Church from a famous professor in WHU before. Although the Church we visit today is not that splendid and solemn as Catholic Churches usually do, I'm still deeply impressed and affected by the worship. Inspite that all the things the people worship there do is simplly watching, hearing, praying and singing, those behaviors are instinct with love to their all mighty god and their brothers and sisters. The atmosphere is of humanity and catholicity. It's an amasing and improving visit to the church and American's daily life. But I will not become a christan after all. Truthfullly there isn't any very common religion among Chinese people in China. We still can't say that most of us don't have religion. Many of us do have their reasons and princples. They do believe in love, destiny and justice. And those may be the princples of the changing world. That's exactly all religion matters I think. So I have my reasons, I believe in all the good that can make our world a better place, I love my families and my friends, I respect the world we live in, the environment we rely on and all the other races. And then I do have religion. And the Bright world I believe in may bless me all the way.


  1. i think u believe in yourself as i i was impressed,too.i never had that kind of feeling full of peace and happiness.and i like the songs.they r beautiful,pure,holy and anything good.when i listen to the songs,my all body was relaxing and comfortable.

  2. great honest comments brilliant! i think you have a right attitude to look for the things that are universal that we all can strive for. sometimes religion can really divide us, and we see that many times. but like most complicated things, there are both sides, and there's a lot to learn just by looking for positives we can all share, despite our different theologies! thanks for the post!