Friday, July 17, 2009


Before today, I could never imagine the first time I watch Shakespeare’s play would be in English and in America. However, I really had a lot of fun and experienced much tonight.
“the Tempest”:
In fact, I did listen carefully but I hadn’t catch that much. So thanks to Pete’s writing explanation, that helps pretty much to make sure what’s the character is and what’s the relationship between them. So that we can guess and going on watching and enjoying.
What’s more attractive to me is the stage effect: We are in a park outside, thus I didn’t expect to have a good and high quality of sound. For lighting is another impossible aspect to them.
Actually, to my surprise, they done these not only well, but even better than some dramas I’d seen in China. They turn their weak side to be part of their style: they don’t have curtains to move on to next, and they use their good point of 3 dimensions to make any terrific scene like chasing around the stage from the front to the back and than come out again.

What impressive me more is the music and their costumes. Clothes in Middle Ages are always full of fantastic. The “three spirits” singing is just so sweet^^

For the actors, I’d really appreciated their professional and highly focused and get involved in every detail. As a student drama player, I play some drama at school. Usually the most challenging role or scene is not the one you talking all the time or monolog your inner thinking, but on stage without words.
Audiences usually pay close attention to the protagonist on stage, to some extend, I would say other roles build up the main atmosphere on stage even you don’t really care of them. Imagine that those who don’t have to talk ones standing over there like they are someone else not in the drama…what’s gonna happened?
At the meantime what they are doing or gestures is very good and important way to express and show their roles’ personalities. They do this perfect!! Everyone is who they are supposed to be. To my view, it’s in someway the same in life:

You can not always be the focus of the world, but you should always focus on Your world. No matter how tinny you think your position are.

I still remember that before the break, last words they say is “Freedom!!”
I don’t know if Shakespeare wrote it like this, anyway, I’ll call it America Shakespeare. And it repeats and remind me again the fundamental culture spirit of U.S ----FREEDOM.
For "the Tempest" itself, I must have to read it again in English or in Chinese to can help me figure out more feelings and understandings about it. Tonight I had a great time sitting on the grass, eating snacks, playing with dog nearby, meeting some new friends…
As for the first blog, I would like to talk as many as I want to, but it's not available. So at last, like everyone in this team, I want to say thank you to all the teachers and stuffs that help us and make us having such a wonderful program!!!


  1. What a beatiful picture!
    What a pity I missed the drama !

  2. What a perfect picture with my back shadow in the right of it!