Monday, July 20, 2009

Another day, another surprise

Having enjoyed the day accompanied by cute animals in the Columbus Zoo, having been shocked by the history learned in the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, having seen the most beautiful landscape on the road, … , we are not willing to believe that time flies so fast.

These almost ten days Here, everyday is full of suprises, so does today.

Visiting the German Village with Rick is really a different experience, we have learnt more about American immigrant culture, and have seen the special buildings of German style. All the guys of my group, especially girls, were very excited in taking photos at that beautiful place. I also enjoyed very much the lunch that we had in the German Village.

What makes me more exciting, we also went to watch a real baseball game tonight. Though that’s not a game of major league, I have felt American’s enthusiasm on baseball. We ate dime-dog and shared our love on that wonderful game. I believe that I will continue to play baseball, which is a big surprise I’ve gotten in America, after I return to my hometown.

Now, there’s only few day left for us to stay in OSU, I hope we can have more happiness and more suprises.