Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time to say goodbye

Time just flies and humans just keep on moving,as people always say.Several days have passed since the last time I wrote the blog because I haven't got a notebook with myself in this trip .Yet I am always paying attention to everyday's new text.No doubt,there is no need to describe all the exciting stuffs we have.Every thing just happened under the sun of this summer ,somebody laughed,somebody cried;somebody left ,somebody attended.Whatever ,the trip really made this summer to be one of my best holidays during my lifelong time, I just want to say "thank you" to all of you guys 'cause you gave me such a fantastic summer,it's so nice that all the joyful days are even beyond my imagation!
I can hardly believe that I gonna say goodbye to this magic land of American ,to all the lovely people I've met .It's kind of complex feelings...I remeber all the
beautiful days we have.All the joy and fun just seem to be happened in yesterday, while I still feel we have already spent two months together. 24hours and 7days, this July is full of remarkable day and nights. The time we have to say goodbye is
getting closer by every seconds and I am staying up to write down these emotions .I wish we won't have to face that sadly moment when everybody start to sing a song of memory.

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