Sunday, July 19, 2009

Church and Prayer

Today we went to the King Avenue United Methodist Church.Actually ,I was very excited .Because I just saw some churches in the films and this is my first time to get into a church . The church looks like a Middle Age's castle ,very quiet and sacred. And When we came near the church ,there is a board that said "God loves you ".Inside ,the church is very grand and it's exquisite as well ,there are beautiful pictures on the wall and there are there.

At 11:00 a'clock, we started .The host gave us a warm welcome .I feel very pleased .At first ,I'm a little confused ,because I don't know what should I do ,but later ,I felt more comfortable,I tried to sing when the piano sang and I read the sentences with the host, it's very interesting and gives me a real direct touch of the prayer!I felt that I'm one of them ! After the prayer ,some people came to us and talked with us very friendly . And I have some questions ,Mike told me that the papers that the host collected are the prayer papers ,you can write some things you want to pray for .

I think this is a good experience,I will never forget this, I was just hearing of some things about the Christianity ,but until today did I see how sincere people are and how strong people believe in god, I think when people are in trouble or feel depressed ,they indeed need someone to turn to , god is forever there ,and he represents the tolerance ,the peace ,it's safe there.

I really learned a lot today.
Ai Ruoqiao


  1. margret, i'm happy you had a nice time and thanks for your considerate sharing!