Sunday, July 19, 2009


We have been here for more than a week. We visited the zoo, museumes and some special building, ate a lot of food which come from all over the world. But I think everyone likes shopping most. Everyone is crazy about shopping.
America is the heaven of shopping. Clothes ,shoes and makeup are much cheaper than China. So we just like a wolf which comes out of bondage into freedom, running into the shop . We are hungry, we are thirsty, we are crazy.
I bought 7 clothes, 3 hats ,1 jeans and 1 bag. But I still want to buy .And my friends and family let me to buy some to send them as a gift . It seems endless. There is a problem that how I can take the things to China .
I suppose that it is a very wonderful program. I am happy and lucky that I can have this chance to join in this program. It will be an unforgettable memory in my life. Thank Wuhan University ,the Ohio State University and all the teachers.


  1. yeah,it is crazy.but i think i am now under controlling still.haha~

  2. you are welcome of course, but it's really you students who MAKE the program. without your life and energy and enthusiasm, the program will not be great. but you have so much, so i think the program can do well for everybody because of you students. thank YOU!