Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The different sports culture between China and the U.S.A

Yesterday I went to the baseball game. It was the the first time that I saw the real baseball game. Many years ago, I just can saw the baseball game on tv. So i am so excited to see the baseball game.

In the court, there were a lot of people that i had never seen since i came to o.s.u. i could not believe that american people loved sports so much even if they did not want to watch the game, they could talk to their friends. It is the American sports culture.Also audiences are all exciting when the home team get a point.The important thing is that the hotdogs is so cheap and it is a part of the culture, too

However, it is totally different in china.In china,most of us like stay at home and watch tv or watch the game online. It is a pity we lose the opportunity to talk to friends which is funny.Becides,the atmosphere in the game is as bad as it can be.It is so boring.So i think it is the part of reasons that we do not go to watch the sports game outside.

By the way, i find i have to leave the o.s.u the day after tomorrow.i feel so sad. the time is flying and i do not want to leave here. i love the campus, the weather, the teacher in here. But i have to leave.

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  1. Firstly, i do not want to go either. Secondly, i think what you wrote reflects the culture difference between the US and our homeland.