Tuesday, July 21, 2009

American standard life

Rock 'n' roll lunch is really a new concept to me. So I, with great desire, expected this lunch held in Mike's house. Stucco Jones gave us a series of beautiful rock music while I think that Mike gave us a greater surprise and gave us a new image that is a professional musian besides a language professor. I enjoyed this unforgettable noon, an American standard life, sitting on the second floor of a seperate house and enjoying friendly sunlight, eating hotdogs with mustard jam, listening to rock music, that's quite new experience to me that I have never had in China. I just felt time passed so fast today.
Many Americans like to do exercise in gym while tonight maybe it was my last time to swim and play basketball in RPAC during this trip. Therefore I couldn't waste any moment in this modern gym. I appreciate the clean pools, the free lockers and the wooden basketball courts. Everything here seems designed right for people and so convenient.
American standard life, awesome!


  1. I also enjoy the rock'n'roll lunch today !!!what's more I think about life here in Columbus is feel free to enjoy life!!^^

  2. Just like Ben said,I think it's just the beginning.We will be back here,we will be back to the America.

  3. I think we all have rock n' roll cells in our blood...that's why we can shake when it stikes