Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep rocking!!!!!!!~

During high school,since I faced a lot of pressure,I began to be into rock music,and Linkin Park was my favourite band.When I sing or listen to rock music,I feel that I'm getting relieved and powerful,and all the other things faded away.
Today we went to rock&roll lunch and had a great experience.I just loved MIKE's energetic voice,although he didn't have much physical exppression,but I could felt his ensusiasm.The drummer was also an awesome guy,he was skilled and behaved quite relaxed.Actually this was the first time I saw a rock band play in live,I was impressed by the feeling of my heart beating with the rhythem.This is a fantastic feeling.
In China,rock music is growing slowly and is facing a lot of troubles,underground rock bands always turn out to fail because of short of money,and when they become successful in commecial,they lost the original feelings,they are not rock any more!Also,Chinese people are taught to adore the Party,Chairman Mao and Max when they are young,we do not have much liberty in expressing our true thoughts and knowing what we want to know.So we do not have the suitable soil for rock music to grow.
On the other hand, many Chinese people like to call themselves punk.But what is punk?I think punk is actually dead after The Sex Pistols.It grew in America and is doomed to die there.Maybe Chinese people can not own true rock music.
However,I still love rock ~~ haha

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