Monday, July 20, 2009

I love baseball,haha~

Maybe for me,today can be called Baseball Day.We played baseball in the afternoon,and later we went to watch a real baseball game which was really cool!

I have to say that it is my first time to play baseball this afternoon.It was a really exciting game and we enjoyed ourselves so much.We played it and tried our best.However,we lost the game at last.But even for us who lost it,the game was interesting and exciting.Maybe we are not familiar enough with it. And if we can play it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,definitely we will play better.

Then,we went to a really baseball game in the Huntington Park in the evening.The game is between the Columbus Clippers and the Scranton/WB Yankees.There were about 11,000 people in the Huntington Park watching the game and it was really a cool game.We got 8 runs while the visiting team got only 1 when we left.So we were in the lead.We got very excited during the game and sang the famous song《Take me out to the ball game》.

Baseball is a really cool game and I love it!I am looking forward to playing it another day!


  1. shirly, my favorite part of the game was talking with all of you and singing the song at the end. we really had a great team spirit and thanks for your nice report!

  2. Yeah,I can't agree more!It is a nice song and I like it!Besides,I like teamwork,especially with guys like you.It was really a valuable experience to be here with all of you!