Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cathy's dairy at 16th July

July 16th was the most wonderful day I have ever had since our group arrived at OHIO State University .

After we finishing our breakfast we went to Peter’s class .What teacher said was correct . The knowledge which teacher gave to students is not unforgettable as students that learned by themselves. At that class I learned two idioms very impressively .One is “knockout” which means beautiful women ,an other one is “toe on line” means obey the roll . When I first time got these notes I just know nothing about them and wonder if I can understand then literally ,but I failed, after two times lost I asked help from Pete and then he gave me two examples ,however ,I misunderstood the example which meaning of “knockout “ . I thought the point of I misunderstand it was the word sounds like “sick”, so I thought it may be meant “terrible” but I was wrong, actually , the meant of this word is totally opposite .

Lunch over , a group of people who did not have class at afternoon were invited to inspect the OHIO BUCKEYE football stadium. The green grass and striking red part of it..It’s a huge place that thousands of people could sit inside and it was my first time went into a true American-football stadium. How exiting I were!!

After that ,we went to rock climbing place . we did prepare thing very quickly and can not wait to climb. I’m the first girl who get the easiest way to climb ,but unfortunately ,because of my long nail that I can not hold the rock which I picked and afraid of high, I beg down .Zhanglizi is the girl who is thiner and weaker than me pick top very soon. It made me felt shameful. So I decide to do it again and finally I surmounted myself to hit the top~!! It’s amazing!!!

Even my arms were twitch I still went to swim at 4:00pm. This is the most wonderful swimming pool I have ever seen . When the warm soft water around my body I felt relax and my arms weren’t that hurt . Maybe I did swim too much ,after I get off the SPA pool I felt dizzy that scared my friends ,few minuets later I left better .

The most exciting thing is the movie at night. We went to the cinema to watch Harry potter 6 Without caption . How brave we were!! I could hardly understand the proper noun ,the only way to solve this problem is to asked person who read the book before. Gut is ordinary but practice our hearing .

This is my 16th July. Colorful, wasn’t it ?


  1. cathy, i really enjoyed your post and the somatic details of your swimming. you really pushed yourself! nice job but be careful!