Saturday, July 18, 2009


Happy hours always passes very fast.Next week we will leave OSU and move to other cities and soon our trip to US will end.Personally,I wish this trip will never ends.So far,everything here for me are perfect,food,clothes,shoes,bags,life style,people.....even made me have this strong feeling that I belong here.I changed,especially on the mental aspect.The way I'm thinking is no longer the same.Right now I'm pretty clear about what I'm gonna do in the future,where I wanna be,what kinda life I wanna live ,how can I make it.Most importantly,I realize how much I love speak in English.When I'm speaking in English I felt more confident than ever,I felt that I can easily fit in.
After today and yesterday,we knew more about slavery,about the darker side of American History.This country has been through a lot,black people have been through a lot and in some part of this world they are still suffering from the horrible racial discrimination.I felt sorry for them but also has a strong willingness that I want to do something useful to change the world.Nobody deserves to be treated badly.
In order to do this,I should be more independent and more productive.One thing is sure that after I go back to China,mum's little girl will no longer be there.I will grasp every chance i will get and see the world where we are living by myself step out from my comfort zone and start to acting like a grown-up.


  1. Congratulations! Glad to know that you are more determined, confident, and independent than ever before. :=)

  2. i do not wanna leave usa!oh,god bless me to move here one day!i love dollar!