Tuesday, July 21, 2009

nice day, nice game

(Snow bird)

Everyday is a nice day. Yesterday, there was no exception. Rick gave us a lesson in the German Village in the morning. Actually it was my second time to visit Schiller Park which combines beautiful lake, plants, animals and history magically. The first time was for the Shakespeare's play.

Later, Rick assigned a task that we were seprated into 3 groups to search for the things in the German Village. Actually, Sally, Chen Zhou, Fang and me did the search together. We attended to search everything so that we alomost forgot lunch time. Sorry to be late...Nevertheless, the most exciting thing was that we are the only group who found the snow bird in the end. Here is the picture above. And there was a big size bonus in the wall of the same house.
We are lucky cause it's not easy to see the old architecture any more. Thanks for the help from an American couple and maybe a German sir who lives in the village with a cute doggy.


  1. hurraY! you found the snowbirds, and you know what, i had never seen them before you did. thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. We couldn't find the snow bird.