Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To send my wish and thankfulness from Morrison Tower-----Jennifer(Yin Ran)

Several days have passed, I met new people in Morrison Tower, experienced many new things at OSU, yet I still miss the days with you all in OSU. When I saw the words everyone said in this blog, I do have the impulse to write something down for all of you. Every exciting and moving footage you created in OSU formed a wonderful film, which always gets into my head when I was alone, which makes me do not feel lonely. I miss the delicious food in Hans family, I miss the special rock and roll, I miss the moving scene at farewell party, and I missed the smiles and tears the members of my group had given to me when they were going to leave. Also I want to express my thankfulness. Thank you Mike, for that you have to arrange my housing when you have too many things to deal with; thank you Rick, for that you praised my initiative and your support. And thank you my lovely teachers, Lily, Ms. Zhang Fang and Dr. Fang Ming, for the special concerns you've given to me. Thank you Hans, Pete, Susie, Pro. Li....everyone who helped me. I also want to give my special wishes to Grace, Sylvia, Tanya, Shirley and Elijah, the days with you guys will always kept in my heart. And also Robert and Leo, see you next semester. Finally, my best wishes to all of the members of Ohio group, wishing you happy all the time.

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