Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something You Will Never Forget

Time flies.We have stayed at Ohio University for more than a week.During this time,I have seen something or heard something I have never met before.The American colledge professors ,the fast food ,the beautiful architectures,the historical meseums and so many things are all special and different from those in China .

Last week we got a chance to go to Han's home.That was really a special house which had a big beautiful garden behide it.It was my first time to enter a house which has the style of the US.We played games on the grassland and took photos everywhere.We really enjoyed ourselves in his home ,especially when we saw those delicious Chinese food.Han's mother was so tired because she had prepared those dishes for almose the whole day.We really thanked her very much for her warm welcome!We stayed at his home until very late,but in fact we didn't want to leave at all.Han's grandmother was also a kind person .We talked to her and took photos with her at last before we left their house.I would like to say that I would never forget the wonderful day.

Maybe I was a little boylish since I was a child .Shopping is not my favourite "sport".I usually went shopping on purpose but not for my interest. But I shouldn't miss the rarly opportunity to buy something which was much cheaper than those products domestic.To my surprise,other girls were so crazy that they almost turned the the shopping centre into empty rooms.It was a pity that we all felt time passed so fast and the shortage of time.So I would fight in the future days!

haha ~it's time to sleep.Good night!


  1. Oh~~our Swarovski~~~What a pity ~~

  2. i enjoyed that day,too!i like that game that is called frisby(i do not know how to spell actually...).and time really passed by.that is a little pity...but i think we have a better future in just do it!and have fun!

  3. how it is spelled frisbee and maybe we should take one on the bus out East so IF we see a nice open field, we can play!