Friday, July 17, 2009

Shakespeare's Night

Written by Grace Wu

Driving along with the golden sunset, we went to c the Shakespeare play, the Tempest, in the evening. We got to a wonderful park where there was a lake and grass everywhere. Carefree people laid or sat on the grass to wait 4 the play.
Not long after we arrived, the play started, I think both the actors/actresses and audience are excellent. They were really professional. The story was attractive which drew the eyes of the audience and the audience concentrated to the play. Skies were getting dark, we were surrounded but a few fireflies and the atmosphere was just fascinated.
The highlight was that I met a Germany sheep-looking blood dog called Body. He was friendly. And I found that Robert Shang was an interesting guy cuz’ I learned a new way to keep myself warm from him---wearing 2 backpacks on the front and 1 on the back. Hahhah~~
Time passed fast and we went back to Morrison. What a wonderful night!

P.S. Pete was a great teller cuz’ he helped us understand 99.9% of the play and thanks for his made-in-China coat.


  1. The wonderful park is named after Schiller, a famous German poet in the late 18th century. A statue of Schiller can be found in the center of the park.

  2. I love the play and environment in that park, as well as American people's cozy and easy-going life style.