Thursday, July 16, 2009


Without actions we can not achieve our goals. But what if I am feared of taking actions...
The mainly problem I face is that I can't make a completed sentence in mind without writing something on paper ,and that is why I don't dare to make communications with you guys in
English and I do really feel somewhat jealous when I see somebody else whose English is not the best but still try their best to utilize all means avialable to do English least they konw how to catch chances while I can hardly control all my words ! Always, when I want to express something ,most of my ideas just turn in to singal word with few logical relationship and then I will feel very embarrassed or deprssed or disappointed and just run away from the talking. Godness ,I just want to be brave enough to ask questions about what is the next step we should take. Please ,give me some courage !

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  1. hi zoey...thanks for posting that and i think it took courage to admit your hesitancy. so you're more courageous than you think! i bet most people are a little reluctant like you but not brave enough to admit it. see, you are a couraeous girl. my advice is just speak a little bit more every day and you will overcome this situation!!