Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rock and Roll Lunch &Farewell Party

Yesterday we went to Mike’s house to have special lunch-----Rock and Roll lunch. It’s a fresh experience for me because of the performance of a band at home. As for me, I’ve been to a few concerts before, however, it was my first time to see the live band. Actually, I enjoyed this kind of life which was full of passion. Americans are willing to enjoy their life. Although in this clam and peaceful village, we also can participate in the Rock and Roll performance which is played by people around us. On the other hand, Pete told us he and some other friends helped Mike to make shelves, designed the structure of the house and built the small garden, which were all depend on their own mind instead of hiring the professional workers. Contrary on Americans, Chinese may prefer to stay in a platform and earn the money for supporting their children’s education, which may easily ignore the quality of life.

Today, in the evening, we went to have our farewell party. It is the last day for us to stay here. The life during these two weeks must bring me a fantastic memory in my life. All the American people, including teachers, students, and officers here are nice and patient. They are glad to listen to us and try to speak clearly to make themselves understood easily. So, I’ve learned a lot from them and enjoyed the life here very much. Fortunately, Mike, Pete, Hans and some other teachers may go with us tomorrow. However, we must say goodbye to susy and carol who are always getting along with us these day. Surely, I will keep in touch with them by email and hope to see them again if it is possible

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  1. As you said to me ,we will be here ,we will be together,we will be family members~Don't say goodbye and I will gave you a shining smile~~haha ~~