Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A tired but harvest day

Feel so excited today that we went to the downtown. Staying on campus all the time is not the best way to know a country while going out and having look at the city is important. Cities are also great part of a culture and in downtown we could catch the authentic culture of America, skyscrapers, neat streets, giant trucks, etc. We visit both the city hall and statehouse and thank the city auditor, an old gentleman, for his great presentation from which I know a lot about the US democracy.
In the afternoon on campus, I met a funny guy named Nick. Our group talked with him for nearly 30 minutes. He is friendly and talkative. As a result, we get much information from him and know how a university student thinks about his country and his life.
Tired now, but happiness fills up my body. July 15th, 2009, a wonderful day.

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  1. Although today is a tired day,we really knew much more about America by Rick's speech and practiced our oral English.By the way,the last sentence in your essay is funny.