Friday, July 17, 2009

The difference between Chinese and American education

     It’s really a great thing to have an opportunity to talk to someone who works in or studies in an American school. Not until today had I realized how different the education in china and America is. Chinese prefer to give all the information to the students when they are studying, while American prefer to let students find out the information themselves. This is actually what I learned in Peter’s baseball class. Chinese teachers may focus more on one’s final scores. American may find the process the most important thing. As it refers to the GPA, I found that Chinese teachers are afraid to give their students a high score, because they think that their students must have something need to be improved. Meanwhile, American teachers may find it comfortable to praise someone who really did a good job in their study. And Chinese education emphasizes more on the fundamental education. It’s hard to say what kind of education is better, because these two different kinds of education do bring a lot of excellent students.Maybe we all need to think about it.



  1. great,i totally agree with you~!

  2. yeah, i agree with u, 2!!~i think the American way is much more like an education.

  3. Maybe the American style is more suitable for college students~