Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting to know about the culture and people of America

You really have impressive feelings when you've experienced something by yourself. I got to know about the advanced facilities, beautiful architectures and the unique culture in Ohio State University through class of Susie and the campus tour. In order to find the certain architecture that is required in the list given by Susie and answer those questions, I firsly have a clear understanding of the composition of the departments in the campus which have different working functions and had a rough knowledge about the route of some of these buildings. We do see OSU with diverse styles of their buildings, advanced technology, and the complete composition. In addition, we met nice people working here, who are always willing to help us and explain the things we want to know about.

And I got to have a rough understanding of the politics and the procedure of making laws from vist to the federal government. Also we experienced some aspects of Americans' lives and delicious chinese food in Han's home, such as the party, their garden activities and so forth. It's really a nice memory.

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