Sunday, July 12, 2009

self introduction of Angie(Zhaoying Wei)

I am a girl from Tianjin.I am looking forward to experience the different things and learn to adapt to a different life.Though I am optimistic and would love to make friends with people,I am not so much extroverted and active.It is kind of paradoxical.I am not so much good at sports but it is my privilege to be your partners if anyone still would like to invite me.
I am attracted by lots of things,such as comics,TV series,movies,books,music and travels and the like.It would be a precious opportunity to share our feeling.
My major is GIS.Though I am just a beginner,I have tried my best and have a great interest to learn.It would be my privilege to have a chance to communicate with the experienced predecessors and professors or even given directions from them.

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