Sunday, July 12, 2009

self-introduction Sally WU Danying

Hi, it’s Sally. And my Chinese name is WU Danying.

I’m a junior student in WuHan University, major in Finance. It’s amazing to visit Ohio University in U.S, as I know this good reputation university for so long…and my two great friends are there!!
My favorite sport is BASEBALL and swimming, and music is another interest of me. I can play the piano since 8 years old.
Though my dream from childhood is to be a DETECTIVE (I still want), however no matter I can achieve that or not, the caliber of sanity, the acumen to problems, the always sensitive and kind heart…are always what I’m chasing for as personal characteristics. And they are all vital qualities in life. ^^ This is me (the top one) and my dorm mates in university.

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