Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings from Minru Li 李敏儒

Hi everyone,

I am Minru Li, a member of the organizing committee for the summer program. This committee has organized and conducted the Wuhan University Summer Intensive English Program (WUSIEP) in collaboration with OSU since 2004. Almost all the teachers working for the 2009 WTOSP are veteran teachers of the WUSIEP, who taught English at Wuda and love it. They are proud of being alumni of Wuhan University and have done a lot of work to promote cultural and academic exchanges between US and China in general, and between OSU and Wuda in particular. This is an significant and interesting cause, which you are participating in. I enjoy working with you to build a broader and stronger bridge between the two cultures, two countries, and two institutions.
To know more about WUSIEP, please visit

As for myself, I am Assistant Director of National East Asian Languages Resource Center, working to promote Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and cultures in the US. If you have time, please view a video of what we are doing, entitled "Pathways to Advanced Skills (1993-2009)," online at

Below is a quote from Don Yorty's email today, who is a poet in NY and an English teacher to Wuda for three times/years. You might be able to meet with him during your trip to NY. Don was so excited to hear the news from Bob Eckhart that a group of students of Wuhan University are in Columbus now: "Oh I miss China! I miss my colleagues! I miss my students! I miss my poetry workshop! I miss Corliss! I miss the Olympic Field! I miss the squid and shrimp! I miss trying not to get into arguments over Tibet and Taiwan!"

I hope you stay Happy and Healthy and enjoy your life at OSU!

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