Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HARVEST DAY (13,July)—— Zoey Sun

It’s really a harvest day today because almost everybody has win a prize toy in that D&B playroom! And almost all of them are made in China so I think some of them may get the very chance to go back to hometown. I win a L-size blue bear and I decide to name it as “Ice princess”. Actually it’s my first time of catching a toy by that toy catcher (I don’t know the exactly name of that faculty)!
Last Friday we arrived here and I have to acknowledge that this three days are brilliant!This program is much better than I supposed. Everyday is full of surprises, people of different colors;native animals;gym faculties with high quality and so on. Even the things I’d seen on TV or in other western country all seemed to be different.
The executive of this program really do excellent job and they are really nice people. Patient and friendly, always answering questions with a big smile. We wouldn’t adapt ourselves to the environment without their help. Now I have learned a lot about OSU and impressed by the long history and I do really interest in the “O-H-I-O” stuffs.
What confused me most is that I can’t express myself clearly in English though I can understand most things said by native speaker. It’s a feeling like Hypoxia and makes me somewhat frustrated.
Anyway, I do need more practice.


  1. You'll be surprised, Zoe, how quickly you will feel comfortable and confident in speaking with others in English. I hope you had a good experience using English today for the information scavenger hunt -- and tomorrow you'll have more opportunity to speak with Americans in your afternoon class.

  2. You are good Zoe ~ and you are cute ha `~`

  3. What's up,gril~!(haha,a small joke)Don't be shy,if you wanna practice,you can always find chances anywhere you want.Remember,you are in US~!Just don't miss such a great opportunity~!

  4. It really full of fun!~~And love you~hah