Monday, July 13, 2009

Zoo tour,09.07.12

The day before the zoo tour , I was talking to a friend and he asked me if I liked to go to a zoo . I said I didn't know since I hadn't been there for a long time and all my memory about a zoo was that it didn't smell good .....However , I'm still excited about the trip . Like I told Pete , I"m here in America , evething is new to me and anything can get me excited .

Maybe it was due to the weekends , I didn't see much people on campus and it somehow gave me an illusion that I'm not in another country . Now I was off the campus and all of a sudden it seemed like everybody is there in the zoo .....Well, I'm in America , no doubt ~Animals are absolutely the main characters in a zoo .Some of them certainly intrigued me . I have to mention the eagle , mainly because I'm quite satisfied with the picture I took . And , the reason why I liked that picture was that those two eagles were professional models ~ha ~you got to see this ~I attached the photo at the bottom . Well, the eagles did make me feel the sense of majesty .

And the living fox left me a deep impression also . It's not that I like them ...We just "dress" similar that day ~
I'll stop babble about animals , or that'll cover too much space .

Here is what I want to talk about then . The most exciting thing for me was that I got to see olts of KIDS in the zoo . ~ I think the zoo belongs to them . They were running , screaming , showing their surprise and passion ,drawing animal images on their faces to turn themselves into little tigers ~ Oh my goodness , I'm crazy about those cute kids ~ha ~ Zoos are definitely a nice place for kids to acquire awareness of animals . First they get the images , then they generally become conscious of their living habbits through ovservation , and finally , yet the most important thing , they learn to live harmoniously with animals . I took this photo of a little girl brushing a sheep's hair . The sheep was not afraid at all . Actually , he was quite enjoying the girl's caress . The girl looked a little afraid ~ha ~ well, maybe it was just my bad timing taking the picture ~But trust me , that scene was touching and you can feel all the harmony and bond between the kid and the sheep .

Moreover , I also noticed a sign in the reptile session . It said :The Columbas zoo gets an average of one call per day from people who don't want their pet reptiles anymore please think before you buy. I've seen many pet stores with reptiles in them . Every time I see them , I normally feel unbelievable, or sometimes ...horrified ...Well, I would never keep a reptile for a pet ....(They scare me sometimes , except when they are kept in cages or behind glass...)I hardly realize that they are facing the risk of being abandoned . Well, I should have , they are pets , and pets couldn't control their life themselves ...Somehow I felt sorry for these reptiles .Lots of people want to keep them simply because they think it's cool . Once their passion fades away , responsibility is nothing but a word .The sign did made me feel that the zoo was not simply a place to show animals . Its goal and its responsibility weigh more than that . The concept of protecting animals is the forever theme .

All in all, that was a wonderful ,yet~ tired trip to the zoo yesterday .It was a lot of fun ~

P.S : That coin souvenior thing was so clever ~ I really love that ~ I'll keep the "elephant coin in my purse always ~


  1. HAHA! In one of those pictures you just looks like a bat who is ready to fly away!

  2. I was taking the picture with my family ~haha ~ I meant to do that ~

  3. You were lucky to see those eagles,we didn't get a chance to see them,even if we also saw so many amazing animals~!

  4. That's a terrific piece of writing, Jean--thoughtful and perceptive. Keep it up.

  5. Really fantastic~it recalled my memory on that day~and i'm looking forward to more stories,haha~

  6. I'm not so interesting in animals,but i like the park beside the zoo.

  7. I love Flammingoes,the red birds~

  8. don't you like the big fat manatee?
    i like it very much!