Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting to know you

I enjoyed meeting most of you on Sat. afternoon. (I was wimpy and waited until after the thunderstorm to come to the cookout at Beekman Park.) But my husband Michael and I enjoyed the company of four of you to go see Ice Age 3 and then browse around Barnes and Noble and Target.
Thank you all for your introductions. I love learning more about who you are. In fact, on Friday when we meet at the Hale Cultural Center, we're going to talk more about identity :)
diversity :) and slavery :(

Actually the title of my post should be "homework," but I thought no one would read it. haha BUT, what I'd like you to do sometime between now and Friday is go to the website: 2.) Click on "enter" under the swinging lantern. You are a slave! Read and try to escape from your owner. Good luck!!! Carol

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  1. Yeah,we all enjoyed the exciting experience on that day.It's very kind of you and Michael to be with us four.We felt the warm welcome from you and all the other American people we met.And I'm looking forward to your class on Friday!