Sunday, July 12, 2009

Self-introduction from Jennifer(Ran Yin)

Hello everyone, my name's Yin Ran and my english name is Jennifer. I major in Applied Mathematics in Wuhan University. Besides from my major, I'm also keen on different sorts of films and music, and also I love traveling, swimming and singing. I'm an easy-going person, and I love to try things that are challenging. Maybe from the outside I look like a conservative girl and sometimes a little bit introverted, but inside I'm very willing to take risk to do the things that I love or dream of.

This is the first time I go to America and I truly feel excited and curious about it. I got knowledge about America mostly from American films and news, from which I know about America's open and free culture and the highly developed technology. I love the ideas and mode of American education and I'm looking forward to continuing my study of my major in America in the future, which I think would be a valuable studying experience in my life. I wish to make friends with my schoolmates of this trip and the people I met in the Ohio State University. I believe that this journey would become a fantastic memory. Thanks!

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