Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alice's self-introduction

My name is  Wang xu. You can also call me Alice. My friends always say that, when they met me at the first sight, they regard me as the kind of girl, who’s quiet and shy. But actually, I’m rather lively. Telling funny stories is my hobby, imitating someone who’s funny is my speciality. With these kind of “ability”, I made a lot of friends in school, although at the beginning most of them describe me as a shy girl.I spend almost all my spare time on listening to the music, and my Ipod seems always to be full.And I like singing very much, so I took part in a lot of singing competition in my university and have won some prize. Forget to say that I’m now majoring in German language and literature, it seems horrible because sometimes I mixed up English and Germany. Travelling is one of my hobbies, as well as playing badminton. When I travel to somewhere I have never been to, or play badminton for couple of hours, it feels like that I can forget everything no matter how dreadful it is. These are the ways how I relax myself.

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