Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christine Li self-introduction

My name is Li shile.Christine is my English name.At present moment,I am majoring in Russian language and literature in Wuhan university.At first sight,people may have the impression that I’m a athletic girl.But in fact,sport is a weak point of mine,although I love watching NBA games and the world cup of football.Optimistic,easy-going,open-minded are the words that used by my friends to describe me. I am a person who can never stand to be alone,so there are always a lot of friends around me,both Chinese and Forgein.Learning different culture and languages is one of many hobbies of mine,as well as singing,watching American series ,English and Russian movies,playing vedio games and travelling.I am a huge fun of American series and movies,I almost spend all my spare time on watching them,I guess this might be a very important reason why I can speak English fluently. Super hero movies are my favorite,I guess that’s because I wish that one day I can have their abilities and be special just like them.

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