Sunday, July 12, 2009

as much and as many details as possible

hi someone in a faraway land who wants to enjoy your experiences with you, please post as many detailed accounts of all the interesting things you're seeing and doing...and some photos!! i really wish i could be there to enjoy the experience with you but through the magic of the internet i can enjoy it virtually. haha!

when you are writing your posts, i have an idea for when you might get stuck and not know what to write: trying writing about the "most interesting" thing you saw, or the "most important" aspect of a certain activity, or the "most surprising" thing you noticed......i think these will help you frame, categorize, and analyze the stimulus that i'm sure will overwhelm you these next few weeks. [it is also a strategy we teach first-year students at OSU to use when analyzing texts of any sort--movies, novels, poems, etc.

take care and have fun!

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