Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jean's introduction

My name is Jia Jing and I’m soon becoming a senior student majored in Economics .I chose Jean as my English name because it has the similar pronunciation as my Chinese name . Well, I’m not that into my own major , but I definitely have great passion in English learning . And this enthusiasm extends to the curiosity towards different cultures ,different lifestyles ,etc . I play volleyball , badminton , table-tennis and I fancy western music . I’ve been supporting Backstreet Boys for like ten years .I love travelling . I began traveling since I was four and till now my traces have covered most part of China . Traveling abroad definitely would be an exciting experience for me . Two years ago I attended the 2006 Summer English Program in Wuhan University and that four weeks left me a deep impression Thus , I'm really happy to be here ,to be able to see OSU in person and meet some of the people I knew from two years ago again .

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