Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hi from Bob Eckhart and introduction

hello folks....i don't know if you will meet me this summer, i sorta doubt it. i am traveling at the moment and won't be in columbus when you are there. i have taught the last 5 years at wuda in the wusiep and i wonder if i know any of you. probably, i know some friends of yours i guess. my photo is the one below at the trevi fountain in rome. that was taken in 2007 i think. now, i'm riding my bike through europe and trying to meet many people and learn about culture that way myself.  in conclusion, i hope you guys have a great time during your program and i will check the blog as much as possible to see what you are doing.


ps. i think you will meet my mom at some point, if she gets together with mike one day to help cook a typical US lunch for you...   :)

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